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Victoria & Elizabeth Handmade Inseparable Heart Bracelet!

(**Press play above to see a 3D View of this beautiful heart Bracelet!)

Chances are she's never seen a handmade bracelet so beautiful before! She'll be blown away.
  • Handmade & Inspired By Victoria & Elizabeth
  • Adjustable Length: 6.5in-8in (Fits All Sizes)
  • Limited Edition: Only 450 Available 
  • Made Of 925 Sterling Silver 
Note: We are working through out the night to get these bracelets out the door! You Bracelet Will Arrive Within 5-7 Business Days!
(We Ship Anywhere In the USA)

Retail: $55.00

Today Only: $27

Adjustable Length: 6.5in-8in
(Fits All Wrist Sizes)

925 Sterling Silver

Adjustable Length: 6.5in-8in
(Fits All Wrist Sizes)

We DO NOT Ship From CHINA!

 We recognize there’s a lot of crazy stuff on the internet and we want you to know our Amazing Support Team of 5+ Members here at Victoria & Elizabeth do not ship our products from China! In Fact, you can expect your Bracelets to arrive within 5-7 business days - shipped directly out of our facility located in Saint Louis, MO! These are the products that we and all of OUR families use! So PLEASE reply if you have ANY questions at all. We can’t wait for you to see this beautiful bracelet on you or a loved one! Our Direct Line: 855-210-3940


Jewelry can be perceived as High Quality with smoke & mirrors along with camera effects and some adobe photoshop magic. Come to find out - it's the exact opposite! The chain breaks as soon as you put it on, the product doesn't gleam as it did in the pictures or may be smaller than expected! We get it! 

We here at Victoria & Elizabeth put our products to the test, we hang a 25 lb Dumb-bell from our bracelets to quality control it's strength, we make sure the metal used is High Quality (925 Sterling Silver) and we provide a 'What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get' Experience. We add NO aftereffects to our images and take all pictures using an Iphone (#NoFilter)! With that said - if your bracelet would happen to break, scratch, or lose it's shine - we will either refund your money or send you a brand new one at NO COST! Just email our responsive team at

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